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Bacteria & Fungus Removal

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Effectively Combatting Bacteria and Fungus

Bacteria and fungus are found everywhere in the home or office environment. And when environmental conditions become out of balance, professional bacteria and fungus removal services are essential to preserving a healthy living environment. That’s where the professionals at Environmental 911 come in. Much like our expert mold remediation services, we can also perform bacteria and fungus removal to rid affected areas of pathogens and other microbial growth that can be harmful to humans.

A few symptoms of a bacteria or fungus overgrowth include:

  • Patches of discoloration in floors, walls, or ceilings
  • Foul odors that cannot be eliminated with surface cleaning
  • Chalky residue appearing on otherwise clean surfaces
  • Circular black spots on wood, painted, or papered surfaces

Stay Vigilant

Bacteria and fungus growth can result after a “grey” or “black” water loss in your home or office. “Grey” water is significantly contaminated water coming from things like appliance leaks, broken aquariums, or toilet leaks containing urine. “Black” water is grossly contaminated water coming from things like toilet leaks with feces, sewage spills, and floodwaters from the outdoors.

At Environmental 911, we encourage property owners to be on the lookout for signs of bacteria and fungus overgrowth and take immediate action to remediate their growth. Our crews are certified and insured to provide these specific services. Our highly trained staff uses only industry-approved techniques to safely and efficiently remove hazardous bacteria and fungus from living environments.

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